Winding bobbins automatically with the TGEE Bobbin Winder.

Wraps in one cycle

The TGEE Spooler 3.0 is winding in one single cycle – without interference of the operator – a maximum of 15 Bobbins, where other machines can only wind one Bobbin at the time.

If it’s possible we make it work: all combinations of Bobbins and Yarn types.After receiving your Bobbins and Yarn we will adjust the Bobbin Winder to your specific needs.

Most Yarn types can be cut with our fully automatic cutting system, thicker Yarn can be cut with our hand cutting system.

We supply our TGEE embroidery related machines worldwide through our dealer network with practical advice and aftersales service.

Major brands already have enjoyed the benefits of our machines: Bentley Motors, Toyota, New Balance, Outdoor research, Joyson Safety Systems, Madeira & Geislinger for example.

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The advantages of the TGEE 3.0 Automatic Bobbin winder:

Enormous labour time savings compared to single Bobbin Winders
Suitable for Embroidery, Automotive, Sewing, Quilting and much more industries
Touchscreen to handle the ideal setting by yourself
Suitable for all types of Bobbins and Yarns: from small to large & from thin to thick

TGEE 1900 3.0

Cutting machine for non-woven fabric

TGEE 2300 3.0

Cutting machine for non-woven fabric